Thank you for taking time  to learn about our son, Drew, who is developmentally delayed.  He is 17 with a cognitive ability around a 7 year old.  This realization hasn’t always been easy, in fact it has been quite a journey.

When Drew was about seven he began making me a rainbow every day.  Some days one, other days ten but rarely a day goes by that he doesn’t put his hands behind his back and say, “Mommy I have something for you!”  Of course I act surprised and say, “I can’t imagine, what it could be?”  He generally shouts, “It’s your rainbow,” while grinning ear to ear!

After he had been doing this for a year, we were on the Cincinnati Loveland bike trail and I asked him, “Why do you make me these rainbows every day?”  He looked at me as if I were ignorant and said, “Mommy, a rainbow is a sign of God’s love!” 

I wasn't sure about what he said so, I did my research and he was right!  I found out that after the earth was flooded Noah came out of the ark to find beautiful rainbows which were a sign of hope and never ending love.

The following night I tucked Andrew in and asked, “Hey buddy how did you know about the rainbow being a sign on God’s love?”   “Did you read it in a book, did grandma tell you?”  Drew replied, “Nope but sometimes when I sleep at night I sit on Jesus’ lap and he told me!”

I was speechless but the rainbows have been coming ever since.  Stacks, piles & bins of them!  I just can’t throw them away.  He generally dates them and often writes a message such as, “I like your food,” or “I love you to Jesus and back,” and “You’re special,” which is so poignant coming from a special needs child.  He has given them to family, friends and anyone who pops in our home which has included the handyman who replied, “Uh, thanks little dude I’m keeping this in my truck!” 

Drew's rainbows are on refrigerators, wallets, dashboards, dorms, businesses and offices all across the America! 

Saturday, September 12, 2015 our home became Drew's canvas.   We used his beautiful rainbows to gift wrap the outside of our home for thousands of people to see and feel special.