Drew's Rainbow foundation

A 501c3 Non Profit Company Registered in the State of Ohio

Drew's Rainbow Foundation creates awareness of being "special" and works with various companies, organizations and schools to support children with special needs.  The foundation provides resources to help those with special needs pursue their passion and talent, and to remind all humans they are ALL special and have something to contribute in society. Drew's Rainbow Foundation provides financial support and other resources through fundraising events and our school awareness programs called Drew's Rainbow Connections.

We will have more information to come about the foundation and how you can gather family, friends and colleagues to support a special needs' child in your neighborhood or community.  We look forward to this becoming a strong movement across the country for special needs children.

Supporting reel abilities

ReelAbilities Film Festival brings together the community to promote awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and artistic expressions of people with different abilities. ReelAbilities Film Festival showcases films, conversations and artistic programs to explore, embrace, and celebrate the diversity of our shared human experience. 

In 2012, Cincinnati, Ohio was the first city to follow in New York’s footsteps by hosting a ReelAbilities Film Festival. Since then, the festival has spread to over 14 cities in North America. Every year, the festival receives more than 500 films for consideration submitted from across the globe. In 2014, the festival’s national headquarters moved to Cincinnati where it is being managed by a non profit organization, Living Arrangements for Developmentally Disabled (LADD), Inc.


drew's  "you're special" stories 

Sometimes the biggest accomplishment in life is simply saying, “I love you.”

His simple message of "You're Special" and the gift of his rainbow drawings have been an enormous moment for many people he has met throughout his life. 

Drew has been passing out his rainbows to hundreds and hundreds of people all over the world and he has a number of "You're Special" stories of different people that he has met throughout his life.

We will continue to share with you these great moments and "You're Special" stories about Drew and his rainbow connections.  

Please feel free to EMAIL DREW'S RAINBOWS to hear more about his great rainbow stories.  



school AWARENESS programs 

Drew's Rainbow Foundation will focus on working with grade schools, high schools and universities to bring greater awareness to their students.  We will help them to learn more about fellow classmates and individuals in society who have special needs.

Too many times, we see and hear that children don't have a great understanding about individuals with "special needs" and many times don't feel comfortable around them in society or in school.   

Drew's Rainbow Foundation would like to change that perception in society and create a greater level acceptance and awareness with our children. We plan to implement specific programs in all levels of schools called "Drew's Rainbow Connections" that provide an amazing experience for the students, the faculty and special needs community. 

Stay tuned for more details to come or email us to request more information.  EMAIL DREW'S RAINBOWS


Email us to reserve a date for Katherine Leurck to present to your group & to share Drew's story.