kentucky derby friends

Drew's first time to the Kentucky Derby and making friends whereever he goes.  Charming a young lady with his swagger and showing her how to read the racing form.  I am sure he won the race and bought her a Coke to celebrate.  Drew and his dad make the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Oaks an annual event each year.  It is by far one of his most favorite things to do and he always has a story of someone new that he met.  Drew has met everyone from his young friend above, to the New York City restauranteur's -- Lou, Vinny and Joey.  Of course, Drew's trips to the Derby wouldn't be complete unless he met the award-winning trainer, Chad Brown and being invited into the paddock area to saddle one of the actual Kentucky Derby horses and hob-knob with the who's who in the racing world.  I am sure these stories and rainbow connections will continue to happen. Drew will be going to his 10th Derby and Oaks this year!  We can't wait to see what Rainbow Connections occur!

Immaculate Heart of mary  "8th Grade class"

The 8th grade class at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Indianapolis were learning about Noah's Ark in class and their teacher had heard about Drew's story from a friend that very same day.  She decided to share Drew's story with her class and after learning about Drew, they all wanted to draw their own rainbow and what it meant to them.  The next day we received a FedEx package of 30 rainbows from all of the students and their beautiful rainbow drawings and messages.  It was such an amazing and wonderful gesture from all of these students!

drew's rainbows translates - despite language barriers!

Rainbows abroad and in the city of love.

Drew makes friends wherever he goes!  During a family trip trip to Paris last year, a crowd had congregated around the Eiffel Tower listening to a great musician, Reuben Stone.  Drew approached Reuben and proceeded to give him a "You're Special" rainbow.   The musician stopped to give Drew a huge hug &  went on to acknowledge his new buddy and the entire crowd.  They all cheered - Drew once again had made an impact and shared his simple message of love in the city of love; no translation needed! 

Drew also had another wonderful connection while on a train from Rome to Paris. He was seated next to an Indian woman who spoke very little English.  I quietly observed as Drew gave her a "You're Special" rainbow card.  She beamed.  I listened as Drew spoke nonstop to the beautiful woman with kind eyes about his Poke'mon and his beloved Dayton Flyers.  Clearly she understood very little & two hours later we arrived at her stop.    

As she departed, she made eye contact with me, bent down & took off her Ghungroo traditional Indian anklet.  We had not spoken much up to this point but her eyes said so much.  She gently took my hand and placed her anklet in it commenting in broken English, "Good boy."  With tears welling up in my eyes, I knew Andrew had worked his magic!